Founded on the belief that architecture and design can be an exploration driven by purpose and desire, not ego and antiquated rules.

We are a team of architects and designers that believe great design can and should be accessible to everyone. We seek to create functional spaces that bring optimism and delight to its user. We honor color, texture, and asymmetry in our work and our strength lies in the relationships we develop with our clients, collaborators, and builders.

a brief


You won’t find us wearing black turtlenecks and Corbusier glasses, but you will find yourself smiling and delighting in the ease of our spaces.


A teenage Emily Adams finds herself studying at Iowa State University and working for the Students Disability Coordinator. Her journalism degree earns her a spot at WOI-TV, the ABC News affiliate serving Ames and Des Moines, Iowa. These experiences teach her two things: That individuals have an incredible power to persevere through adversity, and that writing is not for her.


Working as a Marketing Coordinator for a high technology consulting firm, Adams discovers that she loves architecture and interior design. She maneuvered herself into an interior design firm, EUA, (formerly Burkett Design) and enrolls full time in the Masters of Architecture program at University of Colorado Denver while continuing to work.

2011 - 2004

Seven years as an Architectural Designer at Anderson Mason Dale gives Adams the opportunity to collaborate on great projects as she gains essential experience in all facets of architecture and design. She leaves, knowing the desire to create a different path is stronger than the comfort of toeing the line.


Adams establishes her own firm based on transparency, honesty, morality, and excellent design. Neoera is born.

2013 - Present

Adams wins her first bid two weeks after opening shop. Within two years, her work is in high demand, and she recognizes she cannot do everything herself. Enter Neoera’s first employee. Since then, the firm has been sought out for its unique approach, its dedication to craft and team, its openness to projects both big and small, and above all, for its desire to tell your story.



We are a group driven by optimism and possibility. We are assertive and bold, flexible and adaptive. We reject rigid practices and are never forceful. We can’t wait to work with you.

Emily Adams


A talented architect with a passion for discovering her clients’ core beliefs and concerns, transforming their ideas into inspired spaces.


In 2013, Emily founded Neoera to further explore progressive design practices and offer clients a collaborative, transparent and service-oriented experience.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Emily seeks out projects that tap into her instinctual ability to simplify problems and provide creative solutions for her clients. Energetic and driven, she focuses on building meaningful relationships to ensure her clients’ understanding and peace of mind throughout the planning, design and build-out of a project. From hand-drawn sketches to 3D computer modeling, Emily utilizes a suite of tools to communicate her vision to her clients and make sure everyone is always on the same page.

Emily earned her Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver. Born and raised in Iowa, she received her bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in fashion design from Iowa State University. While getting her master’s degree, Emily worked for Burkett Design, Inc. now BurkettEUA, where she planned and designed projects ranging in size from 2,000 to 500,000 square feet. Before starting Neoera, Emily led multiple interior and exterior architectural projects at Anderson Mason Dale Architects and co-founded REthink Design Studio.

When not designing, Emily enjoys traveling, dancing with her two daughters and playing guitar.

A versatile designer with an analytical mind and curious nature, working tirelessly to create projects that invoke meaning and clarity.


Jordan Gravely is a versatile designer who works tirelessly to create projects that invoke meaning and clarity. She has an analytical mind and curious nature, which, combined with her quiet design sense, makes her an invaluable member of the Neoera team.

Jordan earned her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia, and went on to receive her graduate degree Master of Architecture at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. Studying under William Massie, a professor who encouraged students to conduct design experiments and build their own full-scale projects, Jordan discovered her passion for utilizing 3D digital design to fabricate structures. Jordan is particularly interested in construction techniques and how the smallest of details can contribute to the overall design of the space. Experimentation and architectural investigation are areas Jordan continues to explore in her design practice. She brings this passion for discovery not only to Neoera, but to the academic world by teaching advanced studio, and materials and fabrication classes at the University of Colorado Denver.

When Jordan isn’t exploring new design techniques or molding the minds of future designers, she enjoys hiking with her dogs, practicing yoga, cooking and camping.

An architect with a holistic design approach, Bob seamlessly integrates design with budgets and schedules to ensure client goals are met.

Our Great


Neoera's success in the industry can be attributed largely to its collaboration with its amazing consultants and partners. The following list presents a few of Neoera's trusted design partners.